The last Friday in the month is Henchman Market Friday in Chichester and I really can't recommend it highly enough for all your henchman needs. From one-off thug services through to independent and fully-equipped squads of hired goons, whether you're after slightly-built, ninja-style personnel or traditional, heavy mobsters you can be certain of a great deal. And it's not just people; henchman insurance, outfitting, training, and volcano lair-acclimatisation lectures are all available at some of the best prices you'll be able to find too.

So the next time you're thinking about henchmen, think Henchman Market Friday in Chichester.

Henchman Market Friday is regulated by the British Professional Ruffians Association.


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Author: Mark

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  1. I have alway wanted a volcano lair. Can you get one with sharks with laser beams on their heads?

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  2. +Michael Rouse Unfortunately, pressure from PETA has put a stop to that particular option.

    +Philipp Weimer As standard, yes, but for a small upgrade charge you can get Italian American and if you're willing to splash out then Vinny Jones-style Cockney is very popular.

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