Grindhouse Posters

This is a plug for a thread taking place on Something Awful which contains some rather spiffing grindhouse-style (i.e. sex and violence and outright lying) poster creations for films that have nothing to do with the genre.

Yes, I’ve taken part.

Yes, mine isn’t up to scratch.

However, that won’t stop me promoting the thread anyway and dropping a subtle hint for you to do the same. Why? Because it beats writing an article! That’s why!

Visit the thread by clicking this here link here (<- that there link there).


And if you want a bigger version of that picture – because someone might, no, they really might, you don’t know for sure – then I’ve hidden it under this here link here (<- that there link there).

Author: Mark

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  1. Yah mon. That is pretty lame.

    Did you mean it to be?

    Edit: Note to self – visit thread then post comment.

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  2. More haste, less speed Drf. That thread is pretty damn awesome.

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  3. Yes, there’ve been some damn good images in that thread. One of the most recent ones for Beetlejuice was superb.

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  4. Just added another one to the thread …

    And there’s a BIG version of this located here too.

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