Green Leaves

I forewent (I think that's the first time I've ever conjugated the past tense of forego in a sentence!) street photography today in favour of a little stroll around the canal area in Chichester.

It was fairly pleasant temperature-wise, although the wind could have been a tad less blustery if I'd had my hand on the weather control knob. I took quite a number of photos but a quick check shows that there aren't any daily themes for #WeedThursday , #AnotherWeedThursday , #HoorayAnotherWeedThursday , or #WhatIsThatDuckDoingToThatOtherDuckThursday so that's the bulk of today's shots that I won't bother uploading.

However, there is #LeafOnThursdays curated by +Margaret Tompkins, +Marilou Aballe, and +Ray Bilcliff so the day wasn't a complete waste.

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Author: Mark

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