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I've started adding a single, short line to the top of any posts I'm sharing on Google+ now, the reason being that I've started using +Daniel Treadwell's plugin for WordPress that duplicates posts into your WordPress system. Since I have a WordPress system and since I've been rather lazy about updating my site in recent months it makes sense for me to take advantage of this simple way to keep it all ticking over. The specific reason for the short line at the top of any posts is that this forms the subject of any duplicated content, and long titles bug me. I'm easily bugged.

If you've got a WordPress site and want to keep it up-to-date and funky fresh (there's every chance that that's quite likely a hip term in possible regular use by "the kids" these days) then, having given the plugin a quick test run over the past few days (with just a few minor tweaks of my own to address some issues with theme compatibility), I can highly recommend it. Whether you regard my high recommendation highly is another matter. Link to the plugin site itself is:

And finally, because I don't particularly like having posts on my main site without something pretty (or pretty awful; I'm easy on this point) to look at, here's a montage of a woman dancing in the street to the sound of buskers. No, of course it's not relevant.

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  1. she really seems to be enjoying herself – totally living in the moment!

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  2. +Jo Garrett Always nice to see people who don't care how they act in public; I couldn't do that. Not sober, anyway. She saw me after this and gestured that I would have to try to make her look slimmer in the shot. I don't think I needed to.

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