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Seven years ago (holy heck! Seven? Holy. Heck.) I wrote about Girls Aloud in what turned out to be quite a popular post. Since then much has happened (well, it would as that was seven years ago (seven!)) in the lives of Nadine, Cheryl, Kimberley, Sarah, and Nicola, although you’d be hard pressed to remember any of it other than the Cheryl stuff. I certainly can’t. What I do know, though, is that Girls Aloud are reforming for one of those album releases and mini tours that a lot of bands do when they’re a bit down on their luck after splitting to go their own way. No blame is attached to that statement. It’s what bands do. If I were a girl in Girls Aloud (probably Nicola because she’s pale and strange and I can respect that) it’s what I’d do.

I’m not going to write about Girls Aloud now though because I don’t tend to write much on the site these days. However, I do try to keep the site ticking over with content occasionally and one of the ways I do this is through the power of crappy, formulaic updates such as three music videos on a theme. Girls Aloud? Three music videos on a theme? What could possibly be coming next?

You’ll never guess.

Seven years! Seven!

Girls Aloud – Something New
Their latest track, with hints of that LMFAO/PSY that’s popular with the kids these days.

Girls Aloud – Long Hot Summer
I grudgingly admit that this is my favourite Girls Aloud track. Yes, that’s right: I have a favourite Girls Aloud track. I never thought that happen. Or that I’d tell anyone.

Girls Aloud – Something Kinda Ooooh
It’s the video with the sexy hopping dance in it. Okay, it’s got a hopping dance in it.

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