Ghosts In Water Vapour

From This Is Cornwall comes this amazing story definitely worthy of reporting as news and absolutely not a pile of steaming horseshit.

Hugh Fairman, psychic expert, sent over these photographs of faces that appeared in water vapour during a psychic reading, which he then captured on camera.

What pictures are those, you ask? I’m glad you did.

Images by Tina Laurent and High Fairman

Friends, we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of our dearly departed common sense.

On the top row you can see Rasputin and Vera Lynn. On the bottom row it’s Eleanor of Aquitaine and Brian Blessed. Admittedly, he’s not dead yet but he’s got such a strong personality it’s already projecting into the spirit world whilst still with us.

Wait a second!

I meant – of course – that the top row features Merlin and a Tellarite from the original series of Star Trek while the bottom row contains images from the afterlife of Louise Carter (lived in the 18th century, worked in a post office in a village that’s no longer there, ate some dodgy rabbit, died from complications caused by a bad batch of recuperative leeches; you probably don’t know her) and Bewitched actor David White. Appearing in such a Satanic show probably explains why he’s a ghost now.

Hugh does tell the website:

“We think is [sic] may be possible to explain all of this to a greater or lesser extent with reference to scientific concepts.”

and he’s absolutely right. That bit of science he’s referring to is called pareidolia and it’s the science that explains why people see things that aren’t there all the time. Random patterns, memory, imagination, and persuasion all work to fool the brain which, for the record, is very easily fooled; it’s the price to pay for excellent pattern recognition.

Remember when you were young and looked up into the sky and saw a shape in the clouds? Yeah, well it turns out that wasn’t a 900-foot long, dead, mega-butterfly appearing thanks to a nearby psychic with a speciality in communicating with deceased fauna from the lepidoptera order of insects.

If you’re interested in seeing some more random and abstract patterns declared to be things that everyone who isn’t mental knows they aren’t then check out “psychic expert” Hugh and “psychic” Tina on Facebook.

Oh. And if you really want to know who are the actual ghosts with the mosts willing to appear in steam near you now then you’ll have to follow the link to the original article at the top of this page.

And now for some more ghosts caught in water vapour:

By Christopher Bruno

The ghost of Wyatt Earp’s legs and back shown here clearly as he reaches down his pants to give his arse a bit of a scratch.

City of Steam By Nils Thingvall

Poor, dead Santa Claus gives a Black Power salute in downtown Denver.

By Sean Okihiro

Dead (get it!) centre we can clearly see a ghost squirrel humping a mouse spectre with its consent.

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