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Dear Friend,

Now is the perfect time to surround yourself with the things you love! Here at neOnbubble we’re just as proud as proud can be to present a small selection of wonderful, timeless gifts from our new neOnbubble Gay Republican Collection, 2004.

Our full collection contains literally hundreds of treasures to litter your shelves with: award-winning figurines, hand-crafted models, stunningly detailed jewellery … all these will follow in early 2005, but for now feast your eyes on the best mass-produced gifts to come off our production line in Tehran.

My Bitch Rumsfeld
"My Bitch Rumsfeld" Collectible Plate

You’ll be blown away by the airbrushed artwork on the My Bitch Rumsfeld collectible plate. Capture a moment from an unforgettable Gay Pride march and show it off to all your friends. A delicate 9 carat gold trim sets this beautiful gift off perfectly.

Dimensions: 11cm diameter
Price: $44.95

General Tranny
"General Tranny" Limited Edition Doll
(2000 Worldwide)

What sort of man would want to wear a dress? Well, anyone with a Christian background would, for starters. I should know. And if you’ve served in the military it’s almost compulsory. The odds were stacked heavily against him but, damn it!, Colin Powell never looked so good.

This limited edition doll’s head and arms are crafted from porcelain and hand-painted specially to capture both the masculine leadership and feminine attractiveness of the former General. Each doll comes with a certificate of authenticity and a framed guide to pronouncing "Colin".

Dimensions: 14cm high
Price: $69.95

Bush Kisses Dick
"Bush Kisses Dick" Collector Mug

A loving moment between two of the most powerful men in the United States adorns this wonderful, ceramic collector’s piece. The picture on this mug captures a truly unique blend of feelings: illicit emotions, the thrill of danger associated with public affection, the childlike joy on Cheney’s face. Experience a truly warm feeling inside every time you have a warm drink.

Dimensions: 10cm high
Price: $12.95 each, or $49.95 for a set of four

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  1. What about the Condaleeza Bunny Ears’n’Leotard. I will not really be alive until I have purchased to Condaleeza Bunny Ears’n’Leotard.

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  2. Ahhhh, thank you.

    And it would be Dungaree Condie, but somehow I always imagine her as a fem.

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  3. Hmmmmmm . . . good point. Perhaps Condie’s Do-It-Yourself Log Cabin Kit? A copy of "Condie sings Dusty", maybe?

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