In 1979 a movie about gangs in New York was released called The Warriors and it's fair to say that it's a damn fine film. Watch it if you never have. Consider that an order.

The only problem with The Warriors, however, was the impact it had on British lives; cities suddenly found themselves festooned with gangs copying some of the outlandish groups portrayed in that particular flick. Chichester wasn't immune to the effect and it still harbours a few die-hard cadres to this day keen to keep the movie dream alive.

Today was the annual Gang Day in Chichester where the various gangs try to recruit from the members of the public in broad daylight; the police look the other way – there were none around for the first time this week – and hardly anyone gets slashed with a razor in return.

I didn't join but I did get talking to this trio who are members of a reasonably well-known outfit known as The Fluorescent Fellows. On the left is Brazilian Alan (on account of his similarity to UEFA Cup winner with Ipswich Town in 1980-81, Alan Brazil); in the middle is Vest O'Hanrahan (that's his actual name and not a reference to his clothing choice); and on the right is the gang's enforcer, Geoffrey.

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Author: Mark

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  1. lol. I remember the film. l was almost indoctrinated in a similar gang in the U.S. just after college in the 80's. They would have given me a territory and required me to shake down (inspect) restaurants. I never made the connection to the "Warriors" film until now. 🙂

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  2. Yes, The Warriors is a classic movie.
    Also, it was clearly inspiration for N.W.A.'s 100 Miles and Runnin', which always make me think of that movie.

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