Free House

Free house? Tom stopped dead in his tracks. It was an enticing offer. Obviously, he already had a house – the one he shared with Linda, his wife of forty years – but who couldn't use a second one? Maybe he could get around to getting one of those mistresses he'd read about and setting her up in it. Or, naturally, he could always sell the building and use the proceeds on a sports car; that was something he didn't already have.

No, no, he thought to himself. I've come out for some stationery and that's all I'm going back with. And Tom resumed his slow shuffle towards the bus stop to wait for the number 84.

Behind the windows of the building two figures glanced at one another with looks of mild frustration on their faces. The taller of the two ran his fingers through the ice cubes floating on the surface of the water in the bathtub; his partner placed the surgical blade he'd been holding in anticipation back onto the tablecloth by his side. "That's four now," he said forcefully.

"Patience, Charles," the tall man replied quietly, shaking the cold water from this fingertips. "Someone will come in. Someone always comes in."๏ปฟ

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Author: Mark

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  1. You have a dark, twisted and quite brilliant mind +Mark Hooperย and I am very glad to know you !!

    Brilliant shot and story combo as always.

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  2. Good shot and very nicely processed. It's true, getting the ingredients for a good kidney pie is a challenge.

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  3. you made me laugh out loud again and then I got shivers up my spine +Mark Hooper. You do like a twist in the tale ๐Ÿ™‚
    Fab story, fab shot!

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  4. I gave this a plus one on its merit as a photograph, but m pleased I came back to it: your little story is brilliant, really funny!

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  5. Love the story! Just the first bit was great, the 2nd half was not anticipated at all! :-))))))

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  6. maybe even this guy would come in and never show up again, is his wife missing him,not really, Alzhiemers wiped all her memory out +Mark Hooper

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