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Recently I’ve become far more involved in my amateur (very, very amateur) hobby of photography. With the increase in the involvement of photography has come an increase in the exploration of all things Flickr-related as that’s where I store and upload my least embarrasing captures.

I can spend hours browsing the groups, flicking (no pun intended (I lie, it was intended)) from photostream to photostream, leaving comments, getting ideas, getting depressed at other people’s skills, joining adult groups to perv at naughty pictures and quickly leaving before anyone spots I joined, and marking photos as favourites.

I have come to realise that a person’s favourite photos says a lot about that person. Take me, for instance:

From this glimpse into my psyche we can see that I’m drawn to blues and greens, cooling colours. I like old-looking photos given faux retro feelings or photos taken by old equipment. I also like dark images showcasing dystopianism. Arty shots are prevalent; those where a lot of thought has gone into the composition. To summarise, I’m cool, I care about the look and feel, I’m nostalgic, I’m moody.

Not bad. So I got to wondering about some of my contacts.

Analysis: One look at all that flora and fauna tells you that Claire is an all natural girl! In my mind she’s an au naturel girl but that’s because I’m filthy. She’s also got two of my pictures among her favourites meaning that she has fine taste indeed. Or no taste at all. I’m undecided on that so far.
Summary: Natural and tasty. Like a nice watermelon.

Analysis: Jason’s choices show that he likes pictures with signs of urban decay in them; a nihilistic quality indicating pessimism. He’s also keen on pictures of ladies, a sure indication that he’s male despite any of those rumours I’ve tried spreading to the contrary. Tucked among his favourites too are a couple of pictures of dolls. What sort of grown man likes dolls?
Summary: Sexual deviant convinced he’s going to get caught in the act one day.

Analysis: Alistair has quite a mixed choice of favourites including photos and cartoons, landscapes, animals, plastic toys, and close-ups of faces. There is a chaotic vortex at work here mashing together visions of today and reminiscences of a youth that possibly never was.
Summary: Short-sighted man suffering from crippling flashbacks.

Author: Mark

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  1. I have only just found this whilst googling myself, sad I know.

    Hilarious, you buffoon.

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