Flash Game Cyadonia

Something a little different today – not that every day isn’t something a little different around these parts – in the form of a Flash puzzle game called Cyadonia written by a friend of mine, James Newcombe, with whom I got somewhat drunk yesterday and promised that I’d promote his endeavours as it sure as hell would be a lot easier than coming up with something entertaining myself.

Flash Game Cyadonia
(Click Image To Play)

This game is simple enough: guide your cyad to the exit avoiding the dangers, picking up diamonds, and making use of extras on some of the levels when you find them. There are literally hundreds of levels in this game so you won’t grow bored quickly. There’s also a level editor in the works. There’s no sound for now though so you’ll need to hum along as you play the game.

Historically-speaking, the game started on the Commodore 64 and evolved through to the Amiga before making its way in its current incarnation to the Flash platform. But you don’t want to hear about the history of Cyadonia; you want to play the game. So, do so.

Any comments, suggestions, and so on gratefully received and passed onto the game developer.

Author: Mark

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