Fashion Faves – Samantha Gradoville

A second look at Samantha Gradoville for these occasional fashion favourite posts, this time in a shoot by Andrew Yee for How To Spend It magazine, via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Now, I like retro styling but it’s typically late 60s and early 70s fashion that appeals to me most. The 50s, though, does have some appeal and it’s the 50s that features in this set.


This is an interesting shot in that it brings in an element of fantasy; I can clearly see Samantha as a fairy here with the large, bug eyes, the wild, pastel hair, and the textured bag positioned as if a wing. Not that I’ve ever seen a fairy with large, bug eyes, wild, pastel hair, and a textured bag. Or a fairy at all for that matter. Pixies, yes. But no fairies. Fairies don’t exist, silly.


This one’s a very stylish photo that also incorporates a little bit of little-known 1950s history. During the 1952 Tour de France there was an embarrassing incident involving a local French girl joining – and beating – the leading pack in a sprint section on nothing more special than a cheap pushbike. This wasn’t a particularly enlightened period and there wasn’t the immediate access to news that we now take for granted so the unnamed girl who’d bested the world’s elite was effectively scrubbed from all records by a complicit sexist media. Later analysis of the girl’s hairstyle would lead to massive advancements in streamlined cycle helmet designs.


For the final selected shot of Samantha Gradoville I’ve picked the one featuring Andrew Yee’s signature shot: the cheeky fart. A word of advice for models about to work with Andrew: acting a cheeky fart is not enough; he demands the real thing. Luckily, he usually works in well-ventilated studios.

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