Fashion Faves – Samantha Gradoville

Photographed by Thomas Cooksey for Vogue Latin America comes this selection of photos of Samantha Gradoville via Fashion Gone Rogue, all chosen because they showcase different uses of lines in the photography to bring out the beauty of the model and the styling.


Samantha and her swimsuit are showing off some lovely curves here but it’s nicely framed to form a diagonal line through the picture. Good use of sticking two fingers up to the rule of thirds (rules are there to be broken, after all) by setting the horizon dead centre through the image too. The inky blue sea and cool colours in post-processing are bringing out an urge in me to wrap a towel around Samantha and urge her to get onto dry land. If that’s what Thomas was going for in this picture then well done sir!


Interesting backdrop for this picture of Samantha featuring sky to one side and what appears to be the light through blinds on the other. It’s like she’s outside and inside at the same time. It’s making my mind think crazy things! On the plus side, it’s nice to see her subtly checking to see if she needs any more deodorant. If you’re trying on clothes that don’t belong to you – as models are prone to do – then it’s important that you’re not leaving them stinky.


I’m not saying that Thomas had any problems with Samantha Gradoville on this shoot but this picture says he may have some deep-seated resentment for models in general as he’s clearly indicating the untrustworthy nature of them in this shot. We can plainly see the imagery we associate with a police line-up and captivity; portrait shot with lines behind for height; manacles on the hand. But just in case we were in any doubt as to whether this could mean the model was innocent and framed Thomas makes sure we can see she’s sitting down to disguise just how tall she is. Why would a model make herself smaller? Duplicity! She’s looking to avoid punishment. Oh, Thomas, what did a model do to you? Nice lighting and tones, though.

Author: Mark

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