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It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a fashion photoshoot that didn’t bore me to tears. I’m not sure whether there’s a feud going on between the style magazines and the fashion photographers but the two need to get together and up their combined game if they want to impress me. And I know that’s high on their list of things to do.

However, I have just stumbled on (via Fashion Copious) this shoot by Nicole Bentley for Marie Claire Australia‘s May 2014 issue. Titled The Artist’s Muse it features model Rosie Tupper with styling, makeup, and hair by Jana Pokorny, Victoria Baron, and Koh respectively.

Rosie Tupper

I like this shot as it clearly brings across the feeling of snuggling up to an Ent for a picnic which I think is what Nicole was trying to convey. Rosie does an admirable job of looking content and protected which she would be being that close to an Ent. They’re very protective, especially if you’re a tree or possibly doused in something wood-smelling. I imagine Rosie rubbed a pine car freshener over herself for this picture.

Rosie Tupper

Here, Rosie’s demonstrating stroppiness which, quite frankly, I don’t think you see enough of in fashion photography shoots. Rosie is clearly stroppy at her Ent who has helped to douse the flames of Isengard and ended up flooding everything. Do you know a fashion model who likes to wear waders? Exactly! You’d be stroppy too.

Rosie Tupper

And now remorse from Rosie in this final shot. Rosie is regretting getting stroppy at her Ent. The first rule of Ent relationships is you don’t get stroppy with your Ent. You should see rule six; it’s equally odd. Rosie sits beside the window looking out across the flooded plains wondering if her Ent is ever going to return. She’s even dressed as a meadow to entice him back not realising that Ents are only really into trees.

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