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Styled by Panos Yiapanis, photographed by Inez and Vinoodh, and featuring models Christy Turlington and Adriana Lima is this photo shoot for Love magazine called Ribbons.


With a title like Ribbons you know the photoshoot is going to feature sardines. I mean ribbons. What you might not expect is a series of increasingly bizarre acting and styling demands from the photographers. Take this first photo, for instance, where Adriana has been instructed to channel the spirit of fashion known to haunt the corpse of King Louis XIV of France. Adriana conveys the haughty demeanour of French royalty wonderfully although the five-sizes-too-large suit jacket she’s sporting probably wouldn’t have been in favour in the palaces of 17th century France.


“Adriana, I want to see Brian May.”

“I might know some people who can get hold of some tickets…”

“No, no, no. I want you to be Brian May.”

“Oh! Okay.”

“Brian May standing as if a cockerel were about to leap through a gap in his legs.”

“Oh. Kay.”

“And put this cape on.”

“Is Brian May famous for wearing capes? I thought that was Dracula.”

“It’s a pun.”

“And I’m sure it’s a very good one.”


Christy hasn’t been spared the bizarre treatment either in this final example from the shoot. Rather than anyone famous Christy has been asked to act the part of a mime artist leaning against an invisible wall to help support the fact that one of her legs has popped out of her hip socket. Ever the professional, Christy hasn’t just acted a dislocated leg she’s clearly dislocated it for real. The blend of dedication to reality mixed with miming fantasy produces a great image.

View the rest of the photos here.

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