Fashion Faves: Nimue Smit

I like Koto Bolofo‘s shoot for Dior featuring Dutch model Nimue Smit – if I didn’t then I wouldn’t have posted this under the title of Fashion Faves after all – but I do have to wonder where the Alice in Wonderland theme really fits in with what the fashion house is trying to sell. May contain rabbits? You don’t have to be doing drugs to like our stuff but it might help? Who knows?


Odd choice of theme aside, this is a lovely shoot. There’s obviously been a lot of thought put into the design elements; the scale of the set props and the surreal addition of swans or stacked chairs or butterflies massed on a tree fits with whatever it is that Dior is attempting to convey. Some great use of light and smoke effects – some in-shot, some clearly in post-processing – round off a great job by Koto Bolofo and Nimue Smit.


Author: Mark

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