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A bit of a change in the occasional series of “fashion favourites” posts I do where I’m going to select a miscellaneous set of photos showcasing style instead of a series from a single shoot or model as I’ve done in the past. Why’s that? you ask. None of your damned business! No, sorry, that’s rude of me. The real answer is that this is my site and I’ll do what I like. Admittedly, that’s only marginally less rude. And now, of course, I’ve mentioned the words rude and fashion in the same paragraph which means I’ll get occasional searches from perverts the world over looking for naughty pictures of models in skimpy outfits and poses no normal person would ever adopt. Oh, woe is me! How will I cope? That answer – in case you didn’t take it for the rhetorical question it was – is: with indifference.

Enough waffle? I think so. Let’s take a look at and critique some photos from the world of fashion, all of which were recently spotted by me on the excellent Fashion:::Victims site:


For Harper’s Bazaar Brazil February 2013 issue is Cindy Crawford – yep, she’s still modelling! – shot by Nagi Sakai. Lovely warm colours in this pushing the whites towards yellow and great tonal match between the simple and elegant dress with that of the surroundings; the little bit of swimming pool provides a nice contrast lacking in the picture elsewhere. Criticism? Oh yes. I don’t like the hose pipe in the background – if there was need for something else to break up the picture then a potted plant would have been far better – and I find the chopping off of Cindy’s foot distracting too.

I wonder how long it will be until someone searches for Cindy Crawford having her foot chopped off now. If I know the internet like I think I know the internet…


There’s a lot to love in this photo of Anja Rubik taken by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Spain. In fact, the whole series is wonderful but I’ve picked this one out for a number of reasons: firstly, there are the colours. Look at the colours man! Both in the wonderful dress and those horrifically wonderful bathroom tiles. Great contrasts that just make the style pop out. Secondly, there’s the PVC cape. If ever there was a piece of fashion designed to be worn while cleaning your teeth before heading out for the evening then this right here is it! Thirdly, Anja’s pose is great; lovely curves that take the eye from the backside right up the neck to the top of her head (or the other way round if you’re feeling that way inclined). No harsh shadows, nicely lit, great photo.


Another shot for Vogue Spain, this time by Michelangelo Di Battista and featuring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in a bid to have the longest credits on a fashion photo possible. Easy to point out the great control of lighting in this shot again: the background almost lends Rosie a halo, giving her an angelic look which arguably counters the imagery of the apple if you consider her an Eve choosing knowledge over ignorance after God specifically told her not to press the big red button marked Do Not Press or something. Or she’s a school teacher. Which makes more sense based on the surroundings. We did not have teachers like her at school. Then again, I was educated by an order of monks and if one of them had chosen that outfit over the cassock I can safely say the memory will definitely have been filed away in a cranial oubliette to prevent madness.

Some madness may occasionally leak out.

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