Fashion Faves – Lindsey Wixson

From perusing my various RSS feeds of fashion shoots over the last few months it seems that tiny-mouthed Lindsey Wixson has been appearing just about everywhere. Or maybe I’m just noticing her more because I can’t quite agree in my head how to pronounce her surname. An ‘s’ following an ‘x’? What’s that about?


Three shots from a shoot for Flare magazine by Max Abadian featuring a wide variety of styles captured and modelled to a high quality. Well, I’d hardly put them in a post entitled Fashion Faves if they were rubbish, would I?

Or would I?

I probably would. But I’m not doing so now.

Lindsey Wixson

A modern noir feel that I would have liked to see with some classic noir lighting but that’s not to take anything away from this shot which is gorgeous. The dress is fantastic. It looks a little like a humbug but you certainly wouldn’t want to put it in your mouth. Because it’s not a humbug. It’s a dress. Also: it’s very large and your mouth is very small. Your mouth probably isn’t as small as Lindsey’s but that’s irrelevant when it comes to putting dresses into oral cavities anyway. What I’m trying to say here is let’s not go around putting dresses into our mouths folks. Just cut it out.

Lindsey Wixson

I wouldn’t really have thought that this combination would work well together but it certainly seems to shine. I imagine it would be quite hot in there though and it seems as if Lindsey’s trying to control her temperature by controlled venting through her overly-small mouth. Stereotypically-speaking – my favourite sort of speaking – women do like to wear purple, a throwback to the period when they ruled the Roman Empire or something. It makes women feel powerful and stylish and makes them happy so us men should welcome a little purple on the ladies in our lives. Of course, women also like sneaking up on men and clubbing them with cudgels (say it isn’t just me this happens to) so any fashion outfit that also includes lots of squeaky, rustling noises whenever there’s movement is a big bonus too.

Lindsey Wixson

I like the pink accent colour on the sleeve here but I’m not sure about the material; that seems a little anachronistic with the rest of the stunning outfit modelled by Lindsey. There’s a lovely, stylish, simple, and powerful look to the straight lines that’s captured from the shoes all the way up past Lindsey’s small mouth to her hair that oozes Dictator chic. Dictator chic is a thing isn’t it? Eh, you know what I mean though: the baddies always have the best outfits and this wouldn’t look out of place boarding a Zeppelin in the late 1930s. And then stepping into a castle. And then interrogating you. And then punishing you because you wouldn’t submit. And then punishing you some more. Note to self: delete last four sentences before publishing; don’t want to come across as some kind of oddball.

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