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I must confess to not having heard of Ukrainian model Yuliya “Juju” Ivanyuk before but if there are two things that are guaranteed to grab my attention then those would be a great-looking photoshoot and sharing a nickname with something more typically attributed with West African witchcraft.

Handy tip for up-and-coming models looking to catch my eye (there might be some; you don’t know for certain): “Macumba” is still not taken on the catwalks.

To the photoshoot then, which comes – as it so often does – from Fashion Gone Rogue; Nihat Odabasi is the man behind the camera for this set of photos for Gizia.

Yuliya Juju Ivanyuk

Retro meets science fiction in either a vintage vision of judo suits of the future or an outfit reminiscent of Logan’s Run. The latter, naturally, immediately brings to mind Jenny Agutter and I don’t think I need to say anything else.

Don’t mind me. I’m just having a quick think about Jenny Agutter in Logan’s Run here.

Anyhoo… great, sharp angles in the photo formed by the arm, the leg, and the set design. They have to be prominent to compete with Juju’s cheekbones. Lovely.

Yuliya Juju Ivanyuk

For the second image an interesting – okay, disturbingly psychotic if we’re being honest – look from Juju which matches the rather odd clothing style being modelled; fur attached to part of what might be a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man by brass staples. It’s a bit steampunk, a bit cavemanpunk, and a bit inflatablefetishpunk. It should sell well in Turkey if I know the target audience of Gizia half as well as I think I do.

Yuliya Juju Ivanyuk

For the last of Nihat’s photos I’ve chosen to look at it’s this one which showcases some great control of light on the well-designed set as well as an attractive contrast between the various lines and curves in the photo; more importantly is the way in which the picture – thanks to the way in which Yuliya is posing with this outfit – brings to mind a mermaid. Or, because of the colouring and lack of scales, maybe a half-woman, half-orca. Merwhale? Whalemaid? I can’t believe there isn’t a word of one of those things already. Anyway, don’t let that detract from your appreciation of the photo and don’t feel you should consider searching online to see if you can find the word for a human-mammal-fishy-mammal chimera just to show how smart you are.

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