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Photographed by Martin Tremblay (and via ru_glamour initially (to me, anyway)) comes this bizarre photoshoot entitled Fortune Cookie. The original set can be found in issue 23 of Schön! Magazine.

With an Asian retail backdrop Martin takes models Bayan and Cat, adds some styling by Pascal and Jérémie, takes advantage of some strong hairstyling by Geneva Cowen & Stéphane Legros and then proceeds to turn the models’ whole world upside down to produce some genuinely inventive photos.


There’s mixture of attention to detail in this shot. First, there’s the great attention in the placement of the shoes on the ceiling. However, that’s offset by the direction in which the model is facing. Sure, having your feet towards the assistant makes it easier to grab something from the counter but how exactly is she supposed to see what she wants? I know a lot of people in real life who figuratively talk out of their backsides but I’m unaware of any reference to anyone looking out of them.


I’ve already mentioned the hairstyling and nothing can really beat that incredible style in the first photo which resembles Princess Leia on a high humidity planet with a dearth of hair salons but this shot provides a close-up of another design and highlights the strength present. Of course, it’s difficult to really get an idea of what the hair is doing here as your brain knows the model is upside down and that she’s not really supporting paving stones. But if we flip another shot over…


… we get a much better view. You can see what a good job has been done in not only providing strength to support Cat’s admittedly light weight but in also counterbalancing her legs, feet, and shoes which are quite clearly off the vertical. You definitely get the feeling that Martin simply had to pick Cat up, walk over into position, place her down gently, walk back, and take the shot, all of which indicates great preparation and fantastic work from everyone involved. I’m quite impressed by the ripped, knitted dress from UNTLD; it’s performing an admirable job in not succumbing to gravity. I think it’s safe to assume it must be catching on something.


This final shot – also flipped upside down – demonstrates what Martin refers to as his “playful side” but what other people refer to as his “being an arsehole side”. To balance a model on her head right next to two old men trying to meditate in a temple courtyard is incredibly disrespectful. On the other hand it should test their mental strengths and, worst case scenario, will give them one hell of a set of memories and story to tell.

Author: Mark

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