Fashion Faves – Dajana Antic

Via Fashion Gone Rogue comes this absolutely lovely shoot by Richard Bernardin of Canadian model Dajana Antic.


And it’s pretty obvious why this shoot appeals to me; it’s that love of the vintage look I’ve got for some reason. A lot of this comes from Sabrina Rinaldi’s styling but Bernardin has sealed the deal with the harsh, narrow, flash lighting in the shots. The shadows are wonderful and the harshness gives everything an element of capturing a moment in a longer story.


Dajana’s acting helps too. The slightly open mouth that almost gives her an “Oh! I didn’t see you there!” look adds to the almost paparazzi feel to the photoshoot.


The final image I’ve selected is my favourite in no small part because it accentuates Dajana’s long legs. However, it’s the attention to detail in the colouring for this shot that really works; the reds in the shoes, the dress, the carpet, the brickwork, the chair, and even the fire in the drink in the tumbler that really bring out the warmth which lends itself well to nostalgia.


Author: Mark

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