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Via Fashiontography is this somewhat eclectic shoot by Mikael Jansson of London-born model Cara Delevingne (no, I’ve no idea how you pronounce her surname either) for W magazine.


Lovely understated elegance demonstrated here in this shot of Cara in a Bottega Venata dress; great tones and relatively low contrast in this image impart an old sense of warmth and style. More importantly, we also get a great demonstration on how not to stand up straight, an excellent skill to have that boils the blood of health and safety officials whenever they see it in the workplace.


This photo is both wonderful and awful, which makes it even more wonderful. Great choice of fashion here: the Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière embroidered silk top and skirt coupled with the fox-fur boa looks really good on Cara. With the hairstyle she’s sporting this has a science fiction feel to it that wouldn’t look out of place amongst some of Pierre Cardin’s weird and wonderful shoots in the 1960s. And the lighting is excellent too; that strip across her face in particular really draws the eye to to Cara’s sultry stare (not that I needed any help in that respect).

The awful part of this picture, though, is the confusion it initially presents. The black and white treatment means that there’s a split second of hunting to pick out Cara’s legs against the stonework and next to the boa. I’ll be honest: when I first glanced at this photo I thought Cara was sitting with legs akimbo. Wonderful and awful.

Also: handbags that look like buckets! No!

See the full Heavenly Creature spread on W magazine’s site here.

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