Fashion Faves – Brooke

Grant Yoshino shoots model Brooke with the assistance of Conor Graham, Anthony Nguyen, and Adriana Trevizo for this beach-set editorial for Fashion Gone Rogue.


Lovely colours and warmth here, with some great make-up and hair just right for the location. The eyes sell this shot, working with the clothing and general picture tone to send across a decidedly laid-back, relaxed, hippy-era feeling. I’ve said it before: I’m a sucker for nostalgia.


Here’s a clever shot – even if it’s not the most original in the world – that uses the long skirt and the metallic top to create the mermaid look. I don’t quite feel the same way about half-women-half-fish people as I do about nostalgia but it’s a lovely photo nonetheless.

Author: Mark

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  1. Aww isn’t she beautiful n making me so proud! Love you Brokkli KIG

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