Fashion Faves – Alyona Subbotina

Via Fashion Gone Rogue comes this shoot of model Alyona Subbotina by David Roemer for Marie Claire UK.


As an American Football fan it pleases me to see something not dissimilar to a cheerleader’s outfit on display. As a man it also pleases me to see something not dissimilar to a cheerleader’s outfit on display. What I think I’m getting at is that I am pleased by seeing something not dissimilar to a cheerleader’s outfit on display on Alyona. Quite why David photographed her in the middle of scratching her arse is anyone’s guess though.


This is a beautiful shot with lovely framing. The horizon splits the picture perfectly in half and Alyona’s positioning adheres to the rule of thirds making everything feel just right. Even if she’s not in the cheerleader outfit any longer. Man, I liked that cheerleader outfit. It really pleased me. I shouldn’t dwell on things like that. Still, despite the lack of a cheerleader outfit there is some compensation in discovering that Alyona’s favourite dance is the one from Adam and the Ants’ Prince Charming video. It’s not my favourite dance but it’s not a bad one.


Now you know and I know that in this final picture of Alyona she’s gazing forlornly at the desert floor searching for one of the beads that’s just fallen off her very expensive silk dress but I’d like to think there’s another interpretation. Is it just possible she’s dropped to the ground in despair, remembering that cheerleader outfit from the first photograph? What do you think? Is it possible? I’d like to think it’s possible. Boy, that cheerleader outfit was pleasing.

Author: Mark

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