Well, it’s the Eurovision Song Contest final tonight so I’ll be drinking and mocking and adoring the spectacle and coming over all nostalgic for when the show was really great back in the 1970s.

And with that thought – and with this one: I really should update this site more often – why not present a selection of "classic" (or, more accurately, "random") videos of Eurovision’s yesteryear? I can’t think of a reason why not; after all, it’s a lazy way to refresh the site’s home page and video embedding will slow down the render time to a crawl when YouTube has one of its inevitable funny five minutes annoying any passing or potentially regular (who knows?) visitors so that’s the double whammy of excellence in my view. It might even kickstart my brain into thinking of new things to write so I can push this post off the front of the site sooner rather than later. You never know. Stranger things have happened. Never say never. Too many cooks spoil the bird in the hand. And so on.

1970s Eurovision Song Contest Videos… ACTIVATE!

Helen & Joseph (full names Helen Micallef and Joseph Cutajar) performing ‘L’imhabba’, the Maltese entry at the 1972 Eurovision Song Contest. I would kill for that shirt.

Jacques Raymond and Lily Castel performing ‘Goeiemorgen,Morgen’ (Good Morning, Morning), the Belgian entry at the 1971 Eurovision Song Contest. A bit of a Diana Rigg look going on there from Lily. Nice.

Anne Karine Strom performing ‘Mata Hari’, the Norwegian entry at the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest. If, like me, you’re always forgetting just when it was that one-piece gold trouser suits and glasses with lenses the size of grapefruits was in fashion then here’s a helpful reminder that it was 1976.

Chocolate Menta Mastik performing ‘Emor Shalom’ (Say Hello), the Israeli entry at the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest. Let’s bypass the awesomeness that is the awesome name of Chocolate Menta Mastik and concentrate on the three women performing this song instead: stunning choreography (I was stunned) and faces that are somehow more disturbing than those multi-mouthed, quad-eyed singers from Battlestar Galactica equals major win.

Nicole and Hugo performing ‘Baby, Baby’, the Belgian entry at the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest. Classic. Who doesn’t look good in purple? Nobody, that’s who. Fun fact: Phil Spector was so influenced by this song that he stole a white afro wig from one of the backing singers.

The Les Humphries Singers performing ‘Sing Sang Song’, the German entry at the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest. Nonsense lyrics, no coordination in the clothing, not even a semblance of dance choreography or even the hint of a chat about what they might all do on stage, and a lead singer whose hairstyle defies description. This is how every Eurovision song entry should be. By law. Upon pain of death.

Author: Mark

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  1. Congratulations to Lena and Germany for last night’s victory. And congratulations to me for putting some money on Germany before the contest. Yay for winnings!

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  2. The biggest surprise about Euro vision is that, this rubbish is still going after all these years… you got to be on something to watch that I think…

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  3. Les Humphries are what I imagine the reception choir of hell is like.

    I am surprised you didn’t mention the impressive hair-helmet of the Israeli conductor. It’s EPIC.

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