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FreshI’ve freshened the site up a bit.

If you’ve been here before then you might notice.

If you’ve not been here before then, oh! Oh! Oh, you should have seen it! It wasn’t this fresh, nosirreebobsir! Oh! This is just intensely freshified in every freshenizing way possible! Fresh!

What I’ve done – in technical web terms – is widenated the width by a smidge, simplifized the header graphic for a more 2009 Upside Your Head experience, expanderified the right column whilst simultaneously shrinkicating the left column by one tad and three-fifths of a little bit respectively, dispensed summary judgement on numerous widgets, gubbins, and doohickeys, and embedded my FriendFeed feed embeddable FriendFeed embedder.

The FriendFeed feed embeddable FriendFeed embedder replaces much of the functionality of the aforementioned widgets, gubbins, and doohickeys and so allows me to reduce duplication of effort in keeping neOnbubble freshly fresh. This leaves me more time for pillaging. I do like pillaging.

Embedding FriendFeed

1. I followed in the footsteps of Building43 as explained here – Embedding FriendFeed … – although I didn’t bother with the <object /> tag usage because, well, I couldn’t see the point and my tests showed it clearly slowed down page rendering in any browser.

2. I added custom CSS as explained in the Building43 article but used the stylesheet developed by AJ Batac in his fabulous Cleaner FriendFeed Greasemonkey script as the basis for modifying.

3. I added the excluded page term "*/embed*" to Greasemonkey’s management page for the script so that my embedded FriendFeed and anybody else’s will look as we intend it, while visiting the main FriendFeed site is still rendered in the Cleaner style.

Author: Mark

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  1. So the world can see your penchant for semi nude ladies?

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  2. I just like beautiful things.

    That they’re female and in a state of undress is a happy coincidence.

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  3. I like them too, so it’s okay 🙂

    Much better than the weird geeky stuff you like, heh.

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  4. Other random thoughts:

    Is the entrecard thing still worth it for you?

    I saw a Lady Sovereign interview and thought about this site.

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  5. You like semi-naked ladies? This is awesome information to know. Now I know what to get you for Christmas.

    Entrecard? Difficult to say. I don’t use it one tenth as much as I did, only popping by about once every 5-7 days, approving waiting ads then placing about a week’s worth to keep the traffic ticking over. Active dropping doesn’t happen so much now.

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  6. Well I didn’t know about the naked ladies either. Nobody tells me anything! But I like your freshified widified simplified new look. It’s very modified and newified and tweakified. Good for you.

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  7. Seriously getting me one for xmas? Cool 🙂

    I think you should replace the entrecard widget with a giant bubble that takes you to random posts or magical lands or semi nude ladies.

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