An entry for an internet competition run by Model Elaine here: Dating Site Photo Editing.

The rules are simple: take a photo of Elaine and niceify it.

That’s right; niceify is a word. It means to unbadderatimise.

Here goes:

Elaine - BeforeElaine - Before

Okay. Maybe – maybe – I went a little bit overboard. You can’t deny it’s more eye-catching though.

Steps taken:

  • Liquify filter on the face – stern appearance softened by slight raising and adjusting of cheek and jawline, altering lips, raising and thinning of eyebrows, slight opening of eyes.
  • Liquify filter on the chest and arm to increase bust size and add an opening to the blouse. You know: for the sexiness!
  • Saturation of image increased.
  • Curve adjusted off the straight line to increase dark and light level contrast.
  • Duplicate taken. Levels blown out to increase white.
  • Diffuse glow added to duplicate.
  • Duplicate the duplicate and gaussian blur it then merge down.
  • Color adjust duplicate then overlay over original image, pin light blending, 80% opacity.
  • Add adjustment layer to increase image saturation.
  • Add a new layer with color blending at 70% opacity to accentuate the eyes slightly more.

Author: Mark

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  1. Hmmm. Maybe. Yes, maybe. I still would though.

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  2. Why bother with anything other than a quick colour balance adjustment – I can’t really see that her looks need improving?

    Imagine the disappointment when you choose a gorgeous woman from a web-dating site, but then meet up and find her photo was ‘adjusted’ and instead of Esmerelda, you’ve got Quasimodo. And don’t give me this ‘beauty on the inside crap’ – first impressions count, and finding you’ve been lied to before you even met her is not a good start to a relationship. Save the lying for several months in, when she discovers your porn stash and you have to convince her it’s your mates, and you are just minding it for him.

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