Doodle Week – Doodle You

Doodle WeekThis is day one of Doodle Week, as described here and run by the lovely – and inflatable penis-obsessed – Claire.

Seven days of doodling doodled by a rank amateur starts now! Each day produces a new theme for a doodle (and, importantly, a new way to update the site without any of that pesky "thinking of something fresh and now and hip" to get past) so that mounts up to quite literally oodles of doodles at the end of seven days.

Today’s theme is:

Doodle You : "try your hand at doodling yourself. From a stick person to whatever you think represents you".

Doodle You

Author: Mark

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  1. lol … I just threw down the gauntlet to you on my site to bare the doodle!
    nice job!


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  2. I was just about to slag you off for not playing along, but you are a good boy after all!
    What are you looking at to make your hair stand up like that?

    Add it to the flickr group when you can so I can do a round up post 🙂

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  3. Thanks Dale.

    Claire: how could I possibly not play along with you? As for what I’m looking at … this did it

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  4. That’s a doodle I can relate to … in fact it could be me, except for the hair.

    And Claire, after clicking the link, I still stand by my earlier statement that I’ve never seen you take a bad photo :).

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  5. That’s nice, I like that you even bothered to draw your hand on the mouse. 🙂
    sidenote: A twunt? I learn something new everyday. :O

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  6. OK, I’m new around here, so forgive me if this comes off as a little cheeky, but… Is that a stripper pole next to your computer?

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  7. It was supposed to be the corner where two walls met and then it evolved into – I thought – a barbershop pole. But a stripper pole … now that’s an idea. I just have to advertise for a stripper to work out on it while I work.

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  8. Thats a great doodle! Are those bars on the window?

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  9. Claire: I will tonight, along with today’s one.

    Moki: thanks. Actually, they’re supposed to be blinds but bars seems more apt.

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