Doodle Week – Doodle Flower

Doodle WeekThis is day four of Doodle Week, as described here and run by the lovely – and inflatable penis-obsessed – Claire.

By now you’re probably quite amazed that I’ve managed to keep this week of posts going and are thinking it’s all going to come crashing down soon. I know I am.

Today’s theme is:

Doodle Flower : "This wasn’t actually described as anything which is really quite lazy of Claire. Perhaps she doesn’t like flowers or perhaps she simply fears upsetting the Interflora mafia lest she accidentally badmouths the pretty plantlife".

Doodle Flower

Author: Mark

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  1. That is like a mighty Tree-Flower! With the beginnings of a Rockabilly hairdo.

    The gorgeousness brings a Tear to my eye.

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  2. Yes I am rather amazed that you have continued to doodle.
    Thanks for the amendment regarding the penis issue, I wouldn’t want people to think I was perverted or something.

    I do like flowers, but I was lazy 🙂

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  3. Lycobus, a wonderful observation. Rockabilly Ranunculus is probably the closest I can relate it to…but those thorns are a worry.


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