Doodle Week – Doodle Abstract

Doodle WeekThis is day six of Doodle Week, as described here and run by the lovely – and genitalia-obsessed – Claire.

It’s the penultimate day of Doodle Week! That means that tomorrow will be the Ultimate Doodle Day which may lead some of you to anticipate higher quality doodling worthy of the "ultimate" tag.

May I please suggest you brace yourself for crushing disappointment now in order to soften the blow?

Today’s theme is:

Doodle Abstract : "Swirls, patterns, whatever abstract means to you".

Doodle Abstract

Any similarity to a mound of pubes is purely (*) coincidental.

(*) 83% Pure.

Author: Mark

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  1. I think its either pubes or confused sperm 🙂

    Only one day left, what are you going to do when its over and you cant mention me daily?


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  2. Claire: I shall pine.

    dale: I hope to all that’s holy you’re not offering.

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  3. More alarming than the pubes (wow, never thought I’d say THAT in a comment box) are the little chunks … what are those?

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  4. Biscuit crumbs. Didn’t your mother warn you about eating in bed?

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  5. I wonder if I had put a disclaimer on mine if everyone would not have jumped to conclusions. Porn, Huh!

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  6. Yes, but etta … yours was positively disgusting.

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