Doodle Week II – Doodle Outer Space

Today’s Doodle Week II post carries on where yesterday’s left off only it then takes a sharp turn and plummets off a cliff to its doom.

Today’s theme is Doodle Outer Space.

Doodle Outer Space

In case you’re wondering: yes, that is the new design by NASA to replace the Space Shuttle fleet. Retro chic.

Author: Mark

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  1. I love the Retro design. If only NASA had your color sense. Does the ship crash-land into a garden tomorrow?

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  2. WillThink4Wine: The bug’s not aboard. Apparently, insurance for insectoid-based lifeforms is a bitch to arrange and NASA’s got a limited budget …

    haleyhughes: Oh no. No, no, no. This particular design of ship tends to come apart during re-entries and explode in a fiery ball long before it finds a garden.

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  3. Looks like the bug morphed into that ship…I mean the same color coordination…… 🙂


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  4. Kewl! Those NASA’s geeks should see your space ship, and make their next outer galaxy vehicles more colorful like this instead of black-and-whites 🙂

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  5. Retro rockets FTW. Does this come in a black velvet version? I’m diggin’ it.

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