Doodle Week II – Doodle Body

Doodle Week II comes to an end and so do my truly dreadful pencils which I’m ritually burning as I type this.

Today’s theme is Doodle Body.

Doodle Body

Although it’s not clear, that’s a man’s manly body with manly ripples of manly six-packery. In case you’re wondering … yes, I’ve got one of those bodies. Unfortunately, it’s encased within another body, slightly larger than the manly one with rippling muscly bits, and it’s protected by a layer of foamy fatness and semi-solidifed beer. And that body wears another larger one outside it because it suffers the cold a lot. Since I’m probably turning a lot of people on at the moment I won’t carry on describing the other nineteen bodily layers keeping my manly physique protected from all environments as there’s nothing I like less than turned on people viewing this site.

Author: Mark

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  1. Well I am turned on alright, erm………

    I think the hair worries me the most and the small feet, small feet are not good.

    Thanks for playing along again, you make me laugh a LOT 🙂

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  2. Oh and please edit the comment if I have made any horrific grammatical errors 🙂

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  3. you are very brave. i was going to post my doodled most goddessy body but chickened out. i think your body and my body would like each other, though we might not ever be able to actually reach!


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  4. lol!! I have enjoyed your doodle posts and twisted sense of humor during Doodle Week, not the least of which was finding out that you’re a Pats fan! I am as well, in fact I love the Red Sox, too. I come by it honestly as I was born just outside of Boston and grew up 30 miles north. One of the most gratifying things thus far in life is that my Dad, who will be 80 in December, has lived long enough to see all the Boston sports clubs win their series, or at least be very competitive.

    I’m a bit worried about those small feet, too. Not good.

    p.s. The body that I was referring to in my doodle is hair body. I didn’t realize my doodle was being that mysterious.

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  5. Looks like some of those body builders I see on tv sometimes.

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  6. One can never have too much protection I always say, so on that happy note, I’ll drink another beer to your warmth! Bravo!

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  7. It looks like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon. The torso could also double as one of those giant Easter Island heads. But I like it nonetheless :). Btw, I’ve experienced similar colored pencil woes so I can empathize.

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  8. Awww poo, I thought you liked turning us on 🙁 Oh well, don’t forget you are Bear bait too so it’s not just us gals. Why am I overcome with a desire to see if he has lint in that ginormous belly button? He does, doesn’t he?

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