Dom Pérignon

I've not done so in a long time and the sub-theme of macro or close-up stylishness appealed to me when I saw it; that, and I also had something stylish to shoot for a change. Subsequently: a submission for #SaturdayStyle (or #SAS if you're particularly keen to save wear and tear on your precious 't', 'y', and 'u' keys) curated by the two women with so many 'l's between them you could be forgiven for thinking they're Welsh, +lynn langmade and +lane langmade.

This – as the title may have hinted at and the picture may have completely given away – is a close-up triptych of a bottle of 2003 Dom Pérignon. Dom (we're familiar enough with it to simply call it that now) is the daddy of champagnes in our opinion. We've had cheaper champagnes and we've had more expensive champagnes but nothing quite gets that balance of light-headedness-inducing bubbly dryness coupled with actually-making-chardonnay-drinkableness as Dom. It's our champagne for special occasions (Bollinger's our everyday champagne (ooh, get us and our everyday champagne!)) and last weekend it was my wife's 40th birthday so that's why it was purchased. Why it's still in the house now is because we ran out of time to drink it. This will be rectified tonight.

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Author: Mark

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  1. haha +Mark Hooper you are killing me with this! haha #SAturdayStyle   'wear and tear on key' lol.. so funny! This is a great macro and i truly love the almost 'antique' styling of this and is perfect for such a great 'bottle what a great addition to our macro party today! U said it best as the perfect  bottle. (just had verve for son's bday) And perfect to add to our drink collection today too! 

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