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BorzoizBorzoiz N The Hood (12)

Dog-on-dog crime is at an all-time high. The spread of rabies in the ghettos is so extensive that the government turns a blind eye to it now. It’s against this bleak backdrop that we first meet the main group of characters in the film – Litter Tre, BowWowBoy, Chrissy, Ricky, Doggie, and Monster – as pups. In a tough neighbourhood only Litter Tre escapes the inherent violence and late-night barking at shadows for no reason.

The bulk of the movie takes place many years later and tackles many social talking points such as poverty, education, and licking one’s testicles in public. Fans of action won’t be disappointed though as gangs feature heavily. Even Litter Tre chooses to run with the pack in order to seek vengeance on a murder and you won’t be able to help yourself wonder if the cycle of hate can ever be broken.

Former Mutts With Attitude rapper Rice Rube puts in a compelling and believable performance as BowWowBoy and Angela Bassett Hound shines in her role as Litter Tre’s mum.

Coming Soon!

BeaglesWhere Beagles Dare

Classic wartime novel "Where Beagles Dare" looks set to be turned into a film later this year after all.

Regular readers will remember that studio executives have been locked in negotiations with author Goodboy Maclean for several years now over his insistence on creative control for the movie. Thankfully some backroom butt-sniffing finally seems to have put a seal on the deal and cinemagoers should be able to look forward to the big screen version of the wartime epic late in 2008.

The story is that a team of Beagle commandos must parachute into catzi Germany near the end of World War 2, infiltrate the headquarters of the Siamese Service, and either rescue or kill a captured American Foxhound with full knowledge of the upcoming D-Day invasion. But things aren’t quite what they seem.

Veteran actors Richard Bullmastiff and Clint East Siberian Laika are rumoured to have already signed on.

Movie Of The Week!

St BernardWeekend At St Bernard’s (PG)

The drop-dead comedy makes its way to DVD this week and earns our coveted "Movie Of The Week" award.

The basic premise of the film is that Larry (Spaniel McCarthy) and Richard (Rottweiler Silverdog) are a couple of young executives trying to make it big in their dog-eat-dog corporate world through a combination of hard work and slobbering charm. After taking details of a financial irregularity to their boss Bernie they are invited to his beachfront doghouse. Bernie wants them killed but ends up getting whacked by a hitmutt instead.

To avoid being questioned or killed themselves Larry and Richard then pretend their boss is still alive. They take him for walkies and even throw a lavish party fooling everyone that there’s nothing wrong. And that just drives the hitmutt mad.

An hilarious must-see!

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  1. I often go to the Rex Cinema in Ruffborough. Some of my favourite films are –

    The Fighting Alsatians
    Mastiff & Commander
    55 Days At Pekingese
    Rhodesian Ridgeback Mountain

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  2. My faves are:

    Greyhoundstoke: The Legend of Tarzan
    The Long Greyhound Line
    The Beach of the Greyhounds

    Let us not forget ‘Greyhound’s Anatomy’ on TV!

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  3. So, you like Greyhounds then? The Greyhound Of The Baskervilles is my fave Sherlock Holmes story. It’s eerie how his howl pierces the moor, then a hare hurtles past on a track, followed by the beast itself.

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  4. Classic ballet movie – The Red Setter Shoes – not that I watch classic ballet movies.

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  5. Thanks for ruining my childhood. Weekend at Bernie’s will never be the same and now all I can think of is Mr. Lomax as a furry, humping the ground with no remorse.

    *gets excited* Err, nevermind. That’s actually kinda hot. *goes to release my hounds*

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  6. cheeba … emailing you … because you’ve got what I want … tails … no tales …

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