I'd love to make up something pretentious describing the X shape of the woman's legs (a powerful symbol!) and contrasting the relatively expensive taste in leather jacket, boots, and handbag with the cheap, disposable cup of indeterminate liquid she's carrying. I'd further like to add a social commentary angle by comparing the camera's focus on her (and her focus ahead) with that of the out-of-focus elderly woman in the foreground who we barely notice and who, with her thick glasses, is about to wander out of view completely to one side.

Unfortunately, I'm extremely bad at making up arty stuff on the spot so you'll just have to use your imagination and pretend I did, further consolidating your view that I have a fantastic eye for these thought-provoking compositions and am not simply a guy who stands around and takes throwaway shots of strangers at random.

For #StreetSaturday .

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Author: Mark

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  1. I like your non arty arty way of saying things..it means I get to understand it !! 😀

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  2. Or you could say something like, street photography relies on luck, and luck happens when opportunity meets preparation. Right?
    Nice shot!

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  3. You are not simply a guy who stands around and takes throwaway shots of strangers at random …'Don't think we could have put it any better than that +Laura Harding' ; )
    Quality work +Mark Hooper love dropping by and catching up with what you've been up to … good work matey.

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