I’ve added a new category to this site called “Discovered” which I intend to be a sort of Posterous/Tumblr-style dump of things found on the internet (or “discovered” if you prefer), typically with a pithy caption of my own attached. Content from this new category will not be included on the home page of the site since the intention is to update it quite frequently. I may, however, whip up a little widget to display the latest discovery in the sidebar. I may not. I’m unpredictable like that.

It seems the internet likes it if you spread your love around thinly in this way so some things I find will end up on my Posterous site and some things will end up in the Discovered category and some things will be shared via FriendFeed and so my reign of annoying more and more people with things they couldn’t care less about will step up a whole extra level of aggravation.

Update (05-06-2011): I’ve had one of my classic “changes of mind” (they’re classic!) and decided I will include the Discovered category on the home page now. That’s how crazy I am!

Author: Mark

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