Discarded Glasses

It wasn't a great day for street photography so, instead, a second shot from me for #DOFMonday curated by +Mara Acoma, +Helena Martins, and +Lynda Bowyer, and a submission – since it's a colour-treated black and white shot – for #MonochromeMonday and its curators +Charles Lupica, +Hans Berendsen, and +Jerry Johnson.

I found this pair of discarded glasses on one of the ancient walls that encircle Chichester as I wandered around at lunchtime. Why were they there? Who had left them? These questions immediately sprang to mind and so – because I'm an inquisitive sort with scary psychic powers – I reached out to them with my mind (you can see some of my mindy aura encroaching into the shot, top left) to see if I could perceive any emanations from the glasses department of the spirit world. It was hazy at first, as these things tend to be, but slowly I unravelled the threads of the glasses last moments of being wanted (being wanted is to a pair of glasses what being alive is to a human being or what lying is to a politician):

"Janice," came a disembodied voice. "Can you actually see anything through those things? They're scratched to buggery love!"

"Nah, they're okay, ain't they? The scratches are near and I'm trying to look far away" replied what I assume to be Janice.

"Okay, Janice, I was trying to avoid saying it but we're your friends and, see, you look bleeding ridiculous wearing them."

"What!? Me fashion's top notch! Next thing you'll tell me is that the hula skirt doesn't go with the string vest!"

"Well, now you come to mention it…"

"Look! I'll lose the glasses but the rest of me's staying as I am. I've got a date tonight!"

"Baby steps, Janice, baby steps."

And then it all faded to silence.

I'm on the lookout for a string vest now.

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Author: Mark

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  1. LOL excellent narrative and a lovely shot too. Really nice processing. Thanks for sharing Mark 🙂

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