Disappointing 2010 Movie Sequels

Now, I’m not the sort of person who will openly say that Hollywood is a lazy, lying entity that has run out of ideas and is content to rehash old films and brazenly exploit existing movie franchises in order to make vast amounts of money for little effort and huge profits in this era of rampant piracy that is destroying the flourishing industry that is flourishing so flourishingly in this aforementioned piratical period but I am the sort of person who will mention it in opening and rambling paragraphs about cinematic releases in order to embellish the content of that which I’m writing.

Like that!

I’m also the sort of person who will support my opinion that the movie industry is long overdue a kick up the backside by presenting a few of 2010’s upcoming releases which, quite frankly, are an insult to the average cinemagoer in the world. Not that I go to the cinema, of course; it’s full of people and you know how they annoy me.


If you thought fighting crippling memory loss and secret organisations within the CIA was tough then you try getting a loan for a house when you’ve got no credit history.


Neo’s back – somehow, try not to think about it too much – and he’s more than a little distressed by just how much of a beating the world took. There is no spoon but there are plenty of useful DIY tips.


Girls and their mums will flock to see anything with a gay vampire in it and this Twilight sequel will also boost sales at Specsavers.

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