Disabled Beggar

I have finally finished going through my photos from Spain; some fantastic memories brought back in doing it but it was hard work. And in addition to fantastic memories there were a few oh! moments too, case in point being the photo I'm sharing now; Barcelona is a truly lovely city but the sheer number of beggars was quite a shock.

One of the problems with beggars is you never know if they're genuinely in desperate trouble or if what you're seeing is part of some scam (like the guy I saw with the placard saying he'd been robbed and needed money to get back home to the U.K.; sorry, but I've heard that story so many times before) so you become hardened to them, ignoring them, not wanting to make eye contact. When I saw this particular beggar sitting motionless in the shade of one of the wide alleys running off La Rambla in Barcelona I initially just thought his arms were clasped between his legs and I surreptitiously fired a shot as I approached since he didn't seem in any way to be aware of my presence; it was only as I passed that I glanced down and recognised his crippled state for what it really was. Definitely one of those oh! moments.

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Author: Mark

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