Death From The Skies!


You don’t update for the best part of a fortnight and when you do it’s a picture of a book?

Death From The Skies

Let me explain why I’ve posted a picture of Death From The Skies by full-time astronomer and occasional stunt double for Sir Clive Sinclair, Philip Plait…

Firstly: I’ve been busy. Got a new job. Quite a bit of travelling. Can’t really work on my site while I’m making sure million-plus pounds a day in turnover websites are actually turning over. Especially in an open plan office. Kinda frowned upon. Then, by the time I get home… well, I’m only thinking of one thing and I think you what that is, right? Slippers. Yeah, you know it. Slippers.

Secondly: shut your face. It’s my site.

Thirdly: this book is pretty important. It takes my books by astronomers with more than a one in a million chance of actually being recognised by people who don’t ordinarily get excited by interference patterns in spectra (that’s a small but important genre of authors) to… one. Unless you count The Secret Of The Black Hole by Patrick Moore. And I don’t. Anyway, that’s in the attic somewhere. One is infinitely more than zero. Think about it. It’s also one more than zero so try to gloss over that.

Fourthly: shut your face. It’s my site.

That is all.

Author: Mark

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  1. Yes it is your site Mark, but you should realise that customer satisfaction is paramount. As one of the free-loading readers of this site, I demand regular content updates but at no personal expense, and how you fit that into your busy day really isn’t my concern, so please spare the excuses. I think you should sacrifice the libidinous urge to slide your extremeties into the welcoming warmth of your slippers when you get home and get your priorities right instead. ;o)

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  2. Post more often you lazy sod!

    Although the comments you receive on past posts are most amusing. Maybe one could the most ridiculous comment post?

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