Dear Sex Spambot

Dear Sex Spambot,

Regarding your recent post on FriendFeed:


There are two sexes: males and females. Males are one sex. Females are another sex. Male is a sex. Female is also a sex. I’m explaining all this because when you say you want to meet someone who is game for a really awesome, passionate sex you are effectively asking for a person who is game for a male, or game for a female. Arguably, it’s a valid sentence but I suspect that wasn’t your intention. The use of the indefinite article immediately limits your opportunities for sex spamming as Grammar Nazis will be put off by the assumed lack of intellectual stimulation that any encounter will provide.

The verb “to have” is one of the most commonly used in the English language and, subsequently, conjugation of it is fairly well understood by every English speaker. In your second sentence you express a preference for guys (a plural form, you’ll note) but then use the third person singular conjugation of the verb (“has”); this mix of singular and plural terms has the effect of making you appear imbecilic.

Sentences typically require a verb to make the most sense and your final one lacks this feature. “Checkout” is a noun; “check out” is what you really needed there. You’re really not doing the sex spambot business any favours with this basic grammatical error.

You have a lovely smile.

Author: Mark

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  1. She’s gorgeous for a male spotty Czech teenage spamgeek.

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