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Do you like custom doodles (or drawings, or scribblings, or sketches, or, well, go look through a thesaurus your damned self) or do you know someone who might like one for a birthday or a bat mitzvah or a dentist’s appointment or a Thursday (I’m not really up to speed with what people celebrate these days)? And, of course, these would be unique drawings (because that’s pretty much what “custom” implies) which means there’s every chance that they could be worth a lot on Antiques Roadshow A.D. 2525. Anything is possible in my mind.

Claire, Doodologist

What you’re looking at there is a doodle by Claire of Claire for Claire’s new little enterprise, The Doodologist. She will do commissioned works for you, for any occasion you’d like, guaranteed to be awesome, and if you mention that you discovered her excellent artistic skills through this site you’ll only be charged triple.

Go and be impressed with her gallery on the site or the artistry on her Flickr Doodle Projects. Go. Now.

Author: Mark

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  1. Mark! < I shouted that! This is so nice of you! (I know you hate excessive use of the '!', but I am excited). I will charge them quadruple and give the money to your cat 🙂


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