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Currys do a reasonable job of giving you information about products when you order from them online. If you order from them online. Which is something I’m less likely to do in future. Here’s why:

This order confirmation – at least to me – says that I will be able to collect my order from 5pm on Friday the 7th of December, the date of its delivery to the store.

And this email on the morning of the delivery day – again, to me – indicates – and maybe I’m reading too much into it – that the delivery was on its way to the store.

I had high hopes that popping into the store after work (well after 5 o’clock in the evening, just so you know) on the Friday dated the 7th December would allow me to pick up the object I’d paid for online a few days earlier and which I’d been assured was on its way there in an email sent about nineteen hours prior to my arrival.

It wasn’t there.

And the staff at Currys couldn’t have looked more disinterested in checking where it was if they’d just come back from a week’s training in caring less where they’d picked up the coveted Shrug d’Or top prize for being unhelpful.

I’ve since discovered (from talking to a very helpful woman on the Currys helpline who was both very efficient in determining the information I requested and suitably apologetic for the piss-poor performance of the company she was representing) that when you see something like this:

you should not assume it means that your order is on its way because it won’t be, it’ll still be in the sorting office, the weekend will have rolled around, nobody delivers over the weekend, and while you might imagine it’ll turn up on the Monday coming up it’s probably best to wait until at least the Wednesday (i.e. seven days after you’ve ordered and paid for (don’t forget: you’ve already paid for it; Currys already have your money)) before checking back again as experience indicates they are this hapless.

My Currys experience: I rate it yellowy-brown on the colour scale of customer satisfaction.

Author: Mark

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