I offer up a shot of a palm tree (*), recently attacked by a gardener at the behest of the bishop. There were puzzled looks from those who passed by the recently-mutilated plant in his garden and mutterings about just what could drive a man to find the sight of a palm tree so abhorrent.

Who aong us can know the mind of a bishop?

Funny you should ask.

Have you ever woken at dusk on a tropical island, under trees laden with coconuts, hungover, stark naked, and with just a crozier to fend off the crab population engaging in migratory action around and over you?

This thought and others too hot for the web came to me in a flash of extra sensory revulsion this lunchtime. I blame it for the lack of street photography inspiration.

(*) No, no I don't.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Great shot, only I think you'll find that this is a fiidlehead, in other words a newly sprouted fern.

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  2. +Garry Knight And I think you'll find that I don't know a thing about plants! I stand by the vision of the crabs though; difficult to get their furry little wings confused with anything else.

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  3. I have a fern that will not die despite my complete lack of attention towards it. lol what a survivor it is

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