An interesting thirty seconds.

It looks like a couple taking a shot of Chichester Cross and checking how it all comes out on the phone… but it isn't. This man was quite surprised to find his photographic prowess being analysed by a complete stranger and was decidedly put out by her suggestion that he try moving around to his right in order that he might get part of the Cathedral in shot too. So angry was he, in fact, that he kidney-punched the unwanted critic, an act not unnoticed by the bald gentleman you see here to the rear who leapt to her defence and bit the photographer repeatedly until he retreated from the area; a relationship then swiftly bloomed between the rescuer and his rescuee as he helped her up and they agreed to start dating this weekend with him proposing that new play up at the theatre and then the pub afterwards. She agreed but suggested he might want to try a different tie on the night as the one he was wearing clashed with his eyes. He tried to kidney-punch her but she was prepared this time and dodged the blow; he then strode off with a look of pure venom on his face. Some people just don't like criticism.

In other news: my long distance lip-reading course is paying dividends at last.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Whenever I see one of your posts, I ensure that I am sitting comfortably with a cup of coffee to read it, take it in and enjoy/giggle. Excellent as always…

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