Criminal Behaviour

Two women – let's call them Gretchen (on the left) and Edna (on the not-left) – on two benches – let's just call them benches – and what you're witnessing here is criminal activity.

"But Mark," you whine because you're quite whiny, "there's no crime taking place in this photo unless…" Yes, yes, you're beginning to think like me, I can sense it. "Unless," you continue, "Edna is about to pilfer the belongings from Gretchen's bag while she is distracted by the naked man performing the balloon dance just out of shot?"

I shake my head in the universal way that means no and smirk in the universal way that means that would be too simple.

"Or is Gretchen holding onto her bag because it contains gold bullion appropriated from a Swiss banker with a gambling habit and an unlucky streak?" No, but I like your style. "Or is Edna about to press the button on a remote trigger that will set off a series of detonations in the floor of the post office behind allowing the safe to fall into a waiting speedboat in one of Chichester's secret underground canals?"

Inventive, and you've clearly been watching the remake of The Italian Job recently, but, again, no.

Stop! Guess no more! I'll tell you…

Those socks with those shoes! Gretchen! No! Lock her up and throw away the key!

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Author: Mark

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  1. You are such a good people connoisseur..! I would just say "two lovely old ladies" but you know the story of Edna and Gretchen and now I am shocked!

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