CooperVision Rebranding

CooperVision – manufacturers and distributors of contact lenses worldwide – have recently rebranded themselves in an effort to set themselves apart from their competitiors, all of whom are in danger of being mistaken for one another with their similar packaging, logos, and designs.

A booklet containing the new design concept has just been sent out to all employees (of whom I’m not one in case you’re wondering). The ringbound booklet consists of thick textured paper with various bits of brand imagery on it – peacock, kites, butterflies, balls, and so on – as well as semi-transparent overlays with typical corporate blurb; “we are open and sincere in our communications”, for instance.

CooperVision Booklet
CooperVision Purpose
CooperVision abstract colours

From the people I’ve talked to the response to the design has been positive. There’s something familiar about the imagery (more on that in a second) and the colours are vibrant giving the whole look a fresh feel. The old logo has been replaced with a more abstract circle, perhaps representing the iris of an eye with a lens in place, and there are a set of six colours to be used in different places within the CooperVision organisation. A shame for whoever ends up saddled with the sprout though.

CooperVision Logos

Overall, a good rebranding, and part of that has to surely be down to that strange sense of familiarity with it even though it’s new. It does make you wonder where they got their inspiration for the design from…

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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  1. “On Saturday, Coopervision paid a graphic design company one slice of salami, one pickle, one cupcake…”

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