Complaints About Ross And Brand

Georgina BaillieIt was revealed today by Ofcom that over sixty million British people have not complained about the comments made by usually totally uncontroversial presenters Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand during a BBC Radio 2 show on the 18th October.

Conservative party media spokesman Jeremy Hunt told this site:

"It is inconceivable in a time like this that British taxpayers would not be phoning up and complaining about material that a handful of taxpaying, British people found offensive by two possibly taxpaying gentlemen who we – as British taxpayers paying British tax – are ultimately employing by paying tax. Inconceivable."

Brand and Ross made comments regarding Brand’s sexual relationship with the granddaughter of actor Andrew Sachs, Georgina Baillie, and left these on the actor’s answerphone.

Ms Bailie said she felt embarrassed that the relationship had been revealed to her grandfather but has so far refused to rule out exclusive newspaper deals detailing all the intricate sordidness of her time with the comedian, all of which she’ll probably be perfectly fine with.

Both Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross have issued a joint apology of sorts. In it, Brand – best known for and employed because of his family-friendly, non-offensive style of funny, family-time, clean humour – stated that he shouldn’t have left the message. Jonathan Ross, widely regarded as the BBC’s boyishly attractive, primetime show-hosting, child-friendly joking, light-talking face of the early weekday evening, agreed with his co-presenter that the action was regrettable while laughing because he found it funny and it turns out that humour is subjective.

The BBC is now under pressure after calls from the incredibly tiny minority of people who didn’t not complain to Ofcom to sack the presenters but has so far refused to act as impulsively and vociferously as those with an axe to grind against the organisation or a desire to promote themselves but not the guts to come out and admit it.

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  1. Yes I’ve been following this with despair too. Did you know that there were 2 complaints about this originally and then it was picked up by some paper or tv station, not necessarily a Murdoch one but probably so and the number of complaints rose to 10000. Absolutely pathetic puppetry.

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  2. Channel 4 news last night mentioned that the growing problems across the Congo border met with silence from MPs but a prank phonecall by two TV presenters has had a flood of them coming out and saying how disgusted they are. Chris Morris must be laughing his fucking head off.

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  3. Georgina Baillie dances with the Satanic sluts and is worried that her Grandfather will not think that she is a virgin?

    The prank calls were absurd but Grandpa probably knows what Granddaughter has been up to and it has not been playing "Tea time" in the back yard.

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  4. I’m sure that a few (albeit inappropriate) answerphone messages from Brand and Ross are minor compared to the greasy line of headline-hungry tabloid journalists encamped outside his house.

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  5. And I read saw in the Sunday Sport today that, Georgina Bailie has performed with two other women whilst being nude and reamed in the ass with some huge, plastic phallus. Brb, tryin’ to download it, lol.

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  6. The prank was painfully unfunny, but if I complained to the BBC every time Brand did something unfunny, I’d have to quit the day job.

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  7. Well I guess as a Brit it must be tough not being able to win-’em-all. Take Russell Brand for instance (forgetting you completely suck at wars, politics, women actually prettier than your men, and dental hygiene); he has a decent set of teeth but regrettably is about as funny the giant rubber dinosaur on my amp complete with pill bottle, hansom neck chain, thug-life issue knit cap and a pension for tacos. Check that – he’s not even that funny.

    Will someone please kill that guy. Please.

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  8. Brand’s an acquired taste. A great, great, great many women have acquired his taste apparently. It may taste a bit like chlamydia but I couldn’t say for certain.

    "Completely suck at wars" … well, we’ve fought a great many of them and our winning percentage has to be 90 . America, on the other hand, is arguably struggling at 50/50.

    "Women actually prettier than your men" … you slam Russell Brand and then state you fancy him in the same comment? Make your mind up.

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  9. I never said I fancied any such thing. How dare….ummmm yeah….what ever happened to the "preview" function here. I meant "men prettier than your women" actually. Damn you Bubble Boy! Arrggg!

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