Collectible Spoons Newsletter #9

It’s that time of the year again!

Yes, Spring has sprung and with it comes the newest edition of our Collectible Spoons Newsletter showcasing the latest and greatest works of spoonery to emerge from the spoon-making sweatshops of the world in the past couple of months.

Tyre SpoonDeWangspak Silverware have just released something that will excite all our spoon-collecting farmers out there.

With a limited edition of just 2000 spoons worldwide you’ll have to get up early to make sure you get hold of one of their beautifully-crafted 2008 Remembering The Tractor Tyre Collectible Spoons.

DeWangspak have a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and intricate design but they’ve opted for a simpler, more modern working of the classic spoon shape with long, straight lines and minimalistic decoration to fully embrace the spirit of the manufacturers of tractor tyres.

Pro-Life SpoonAmerican collectible memorabilia specialists Art and Garth Unkel always like to create a bit of a stir with their spoons – who can forget last Summer’s tribute to radioactive assassinations, the Polonium-210 Spoon? – and 2008 sees them return to a favourite subject matter of their’s with the release of the Anti-Coat Hangers Collectible Spoon.

There’s a real treat in store for fans of pewter as – you’ve guessed it! – this thought-provoking piece is made using turn-of-the-20th-century techniques and materials and shows off the brothers’ spoon-making skills with the intricacy of the coat hanger work as well as their twisted humour in the addition of the bevelled phrases "Pro Life" and "Pro Choice" on opposite sides of the handle.

Lens Flare SpoonFinally, to mark the passing of the golden age of lens flares in pictures on the internet comes this new and really quite special piece of memorabilia from Germany’s up-and-coming Scheisshaus Geschenke GmbH simply titled: Eminently Sensible Lens Flare Commemoration Spoon.

In sterling silver and overlaid with an innovative hologramatic coating that incorporates several well-known lens flares from internet history it’s a racing certainity that this will be the stand-out spoon of your 2008 collection.

The Eminently Sensible Lens Flare Commemoration Spoon also comes in a special presentation box with blinking text.

Author: Mark

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  1. Breakfast is just that much more delicious with a pro-choice spoon. And its a great reminder of my ideals oh wait am I pro life shit I don’t know.

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  2. I, for one, shall never part with my limited edition Nuremberg War Crime Trials spoons, nor my 70s Rock Star series of miniature coke spoons. They are priceless, of an era…and not to be mocked.

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  3. Depending on which side of the abortion fence you’re sitting depends on how easy it is to use the spoon. Interesting. That’s assuming you use the spoon and don’t just store it in a pretty presentation box of course.

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