So, what is Is it a site about chicks, babes, and sexy thangs? No. Is it a site about poultry? No. Is it a site showcasing the work of Jack Chick, apparently America’s leading proponent of literature aimed at scaring children into being Christians whilst simultaneously pointing out how all other religions are going to hell. Except for the Jews. But only if they repent and become Christians. Why, yes it is!

Words cannot do the site justice. You must check it out for yourself.

It must be hard work being a Christian in Jack Chick’s world. Not only is there all that devout following of God and strict adherence to the Bible (except for the bits that don’t count) but there’s also all the important missionary work involved in telling other cultures where they’re going wrong, why they’re going to hell, and why they should be damn thankful there’s an alternative out there to their devil-worshipping/paedophiliac/cultist (* delete as applicable) sham of a choice of worship.

I’m a fan of evil. But there’s the good sort of evil and then there’s religious evil. The work of Jack Chick – in my opinion – is some of the most incarnately evil ever, sadly, published. Indoctrinating children to show no tolerance for difference. Pure evil. Check the site out now and brace yourself for the next generation of Americans.

I felt that a strip needed … re-captioning. I’ve decided to call it: Little Susy Becomes A Groom!

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